Setting up environment

To run jobs on Mogon, you need to set up your environment correctly. This wiki page will help you to do so.

List of useful module commands

module -hshows an overview of all available commands
module availshows all available modules
module load/add [module]loads the module [module]
module listshows all loaded modules
module rm/unload [module]unloads the module [module]
module purgeunloads all loaded modules

Show modules

In many cases there are several versions of the same compiler/program installed. You have to check that your desired version is available. Yo can get an overview of all available modules using the command module avail.

As module reports on standard error, a grep for a particular module can be done like:

Alternatively, you could call

if you are looking for a list of all available mpi versions.

If you think there is an important version missing, feel free to contact us at!

Load modules

Now, knowing the modules that are available you can go on by loading the module(s) you need. This will happen using the command module load [module] or module add [module] 1).

Example: Maybe you want to load gcc (version 4.7.4) and intelmpi, so you would do:

That's all!

List active modules

If you want to check your loaded modules, simply use module list.


Unload modules

To unload a specific module you can use the command module rm [module] or module unload [module]. If you want to unload all your loaded modules, use module purge.