New Policy: Limited number of files in home directories

Dear Users,


As consequence of the recently increased quota in mogon home directories some users have been saving an excess amount of files in their home directory (fs1).

Due to performance reasons we therefore have to limit the number of files allowed in home directories to 1 million. Policies are linked in our wiki, this one can be found here.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Python 3.5 with numpy linked against MKL

Dear Users,


We now provide a new version of Python -- 3.5-- as usual along with a great number of scientific Python modules. In particular, numpy, the basic array library, is compiled against Intel's MKL resulting in a tremendous speed-up when dealing with numerical computations, e.g. matrix multiplication.


See our wiki entry for more details.

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Profiling on Mogon

We strive to offer Profiling tools for high performance computing. If you develop software, please check out our documentation on Intel's Vtune software, also Allinea, both are parallel profiling tools. (Documentation for Allinea on Mogon is forthcoming.)

If interested drop us a mail at hpc@uni-mainz.de to arrange a slot during the Thursdays Workshop.


Liebe Nutzer,


wir streben an, die Installation von Software zu vereinfachten und zu standardisieren. Hierzu gibt es ab sofort (neben der Anfrage unter hpc@uni-mainz.de) die Möglichkeit ein kleines Formular zu nutzen mit dem die Fragen, die wir ggf. haben werden vorweggenommen werden.


Euer HPC-Team

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New Module: R Version 3.2.2

We are pleased to announce the installation of the statistical software R, version 3.2.2, in a new module. This module includes many packages, including Bioconductor package. Parallelisation support is included. Check out the local R documentation.